Utilizing our broad experience in building end-to-end public bus transportation management and bus tracking solutions, Aftek now offers various transportation services under one complete framework, known as Aftek Transportation Framework (ATF).

ATF is advantageous for transport organizations and independent fleet operators alike, who are seeking expertise for deploying Integrated Transport Solutions (ITS), either partially or fully. ATF offers highly customizable and cost-effect IT solutions for public transportation and logistics sector. It also enables seamless exchange of information between all the concerned business entities.

Designed for scalability and future growth, the main components of ATF are depot manager, bus tracking system, passenger information system, automatic fare collection, smartcard management and driver console unit. Being highly configurable, these components can be easily integrated with third party devices and can also be customized to fulfill JnNURM compliance requirements.  For convenience, access to all the framework components is offered by means of a unified portal application.

Aftek Ltd is also in a position to offer consultation and planning, scheduling and pilot testing, training and deployment along with support and maintenance for various ATF components. In essence, when you collaborate with Aftek, you not only partner with one of the highly experienced IT service providers but also get expert assistance for the deployment of the ITS, right from the consultation all the way to the maintenance stage.

To know more about Aftek’s Transportation Framework and its components, visit: http://its.aftek.com


Aftek Ltd, a leading system developer in the market, today introduced a resistive touch screen enabled HMI platform supporting a variety of operating systems, powered by a 32-bit processor high performance application processor. This platform is coupled with a LCD touch screen display ranging in size from 4.3-inch to 10-inch up to 2048 x 2048 resolution. The HMI platform is highly configurable and offers 128 MB of DDR2 SDRAM, 512 MB of NAND Flash, a variety of I/O ports, USB and Ethernet connectivity along with an SD expansion slot.

Continuing Aftek’s tradition of offering cost-effective development and fast output to market, the HMI flash board is ideally suited for tablet-designed HMI panels. It can be readily used in the following application areas: Factory Automation, Process Automation, Packaging Industry, Water / Effluent Treatment, Injection Molding and more.

The flash board is powered by an 32-bit processor and be configured to run on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows CE 6.0, Linux 2.6 and QNX. The board comes with a TFT LCD touch screen offering WVGA resolution and is available in 7” and with 400 cd/m2.The display offers LED backlight for easy readability and touch pad for fast navigation.

The HMI platform is supported with 128 MB of DDR2 SDRAM and 256 MB of NAND Flash storage, along with an SD expansion slot. It has built-in RTC and runs on 12 – 24 V DC. It also offers Ethernet 10 / 100 connectivity, one isolated RS485 port, two RS232 port, one USB 2.0 HS Host, one USB 2.0 HS device and one  parallel printer port.  It also provides multiple isolated digital input output ports.

The system offers highly modular design and can be configured according to specific requirements. Many optional I/O ports can be added / removed from the base flash board to suit a particular application area, making it a truly versatile HMI solution.

For more information, please contact us at: servicesinfo@aftek.com.

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Protect your Android mobile phone with AmSecure

Ever wondered how to recover your mobile when it is misplaced or lost? Can your phone’s location be tracked and shown to you when it is misplaced?

You can now do this with Aftek’s AmSecure, a mobile device security solution that guarantees your peace of mind. AmSecure is Aftek’s first mobile product on Android market!
With this you can-

  • Remotely control the mobile via SMS
  • Take backup and restore your contacts, SMSs, gallery and much more!
  • Authentication using voice and passcode
  • Remote blocking of mobile,
  • Run in spy mode
  • Set alarm
  • Detect SIM change

Thought you would want to protect your Android mobile (OS 2.0+)!!!
We also have associated website with more details @ http://amsecure.aftek.com  
OR you can write to me at kc@aftek.com (http://www.aftek.com)

Looking for a centralized, robust and efficient solution for employee attendance monitoring? Look no further than Aftek’s attendance monitoring framework! Benefiting from Aftek’s seven plus years of expertise in attendance domain, this framework is developed to address your organization’s employee attendance monitoring needs and more.

Aftek’s attendance monitoring framework enables easy monitoring and control of day-to-day operations in time attendance, EDP and payroll departments. It can seamlessly incorporate complex and varying business rules and HR policies without hampering previous employee data.

Aftek’s attendance monitoring framework records and maintains daily attendance of the employees and provides several features like leave management, shift schedule management, over-time, late arrival, out duty, compensatory offs, visitor tracking, canteen management, gate pass management with photograph and more. It can also maintain individual employee details such as passport-visa details, educational background, training records, organizational hierarchy, CTC details and appraisals feedback. Moreover, generation of various reports and logs is now literally put at your finger tips!

You can incorporate Aftek’s device-independent attendance monitoring framework with any third party hardware reader, smart card reader or even with Bio-metrics reader. You can make use of its master import utility for filling up the master data quickly. Offline reader support is also provided where network connectivity is an issue. Additionally, all of the data can be exported in text, CSV, XLS, PDF and XML formats with the option of customizing rows and columns of the attendance roaster. This data can act as an input for payroll and ERP systems. You can also send the exported report through emails to the required audience, i.e. employees, HR department, accounts, management and so on.

A web-enabled workflow based application is offered to manage leave applications, out-duty details, and “forget to swipe (flash card)” details to reduce manual paper work. When a valid card flash is not found, the system can optionally send automated notification to employees for taking corrective actions. Additionally, a superior can sanction or reject these applications and can also delegate the sanctioning duty to his subordinate when required. An employee can also request a notification for his peer’s leave to plan his work accordingly. Optionally, all of these features can be accessed using a Mobile interface.

To know more about Aftek’s access control expertise, please click here

To order an evaluation copy for your organization, contact us at: productsinfo@aftek.com

Aftek presents SoC-based PLC transparent modem that allows two-way data communication over existing AC power lines, without the need of adding / replacing data lines network. Offering reliable data communication, Aftek’s transparent modem is a cost-effective solution ideal for building and industrial automation. It supports centralized data collection for AMR and enables centralized control for applications such as society and street lighting.

Sporting a small form factor, Aftek’s PLC blank modem is based on ADD Semiconductor’s highly integrated SoC. It is fully complainant with IEC61334-4-32, EHS and KONNEX. It offers selectable baud rate from 600 to 4800 bps. Additionally, it supports inbuilt isolated power supply and consumes less than 1W in active mode. Also, this PLC transparent modem optionally supports RS-485 interface for compatibility reasons.

To know more about Aftek’s PLC expertise, please click here.

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Voice Authentication Secures your Mobile device

Mobile robbery cases are increasing at such an alarming rate that many Governments have called for “Improved Protection Against Mobile Theft”.

According to FBI the reported mobile phone thefts increased almost 33 percent over last two years, from 60,100 to nearly 80,300.
phones users in India suffer an annual loss of Rs 5 billion due to theft or misplaced handsets, industry experts suggest. Nearly three million Britons have had their phones stolen. Latest figures suggest that there are 228 mobile phone thefts every hour in the UK at present.

Aftek introduces Android Mobile device security solution that guarantees peace of mind.

  • Provides a multi-factor” voice authentication system that can secure mobile devices.
    Currently the solution is available on Android 2.0 phones only.
  • A non-invasive voice biometrics algorithm (VoiceKeyID) is used to verify an individual’s identity before secure transactions can proceed.
  • A patented technology based on two decades of Interpol funded research and used by European government as a means for criminal identification.
  • Being based on voice forensic science ensures a true physical biometric of an individual and not just a statistical analysis.

    Click here to get an evaluation copy now!!!

For answers to your queries, do write to me at…
-Kavita (kc@aftek.com)

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Aftek at Droidcon 2010, Germany

Meet us at the Droidcon 2010, Berlin, Germany on May 26 – May 27, 2010! It’s the premier European conference for the open mobile smartphone platform Android.

Aftek would be presenting the Remote Application Publishing (RAP) framework that would enable developers to maintain and manage the applications on the server. RAP Framework is integrated with Aftek’s RTMP and AMF library. The device side code becomes minimal with no need to redistribute the application for upgrades. This would drastically reduce the development, testing and maintenance cost.

A case study of Set Top Box framework solution, which is developed using RAP framework would also be presented.

Aftek would also be presenting the innovative solution with “multi-factor” voice authentication for Android mobile device security and PLUG-N-PLAY framework for internet & mobile application security.


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Aftek on Wikipedia

We are creating and updating Aftek page on Wikipedia. You can find it here.

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Android RTMP client library

Aftek is developing an Android RTMP client library which would enable Android application developers encash all the benefits of RTMP for Android applications. Our Android RTMP client library would support some add-ons that would help developers to deliver robust media solutions.





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Remote application publishing

Aftek is developing a remote application publishing framework that would enable developers to maintain and manage the application on a server. The device side code becomes minimal and there is no need to redistribute the application for upgrades. This would drastically reduce the development, testing and maintenance cost.

Check out the link below for more!


Please write to me at kc@aftek.com  for details.



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